About us

Our mission

mtbAdventures goal is to provide you the best Spanish mountain bike experience. We’re combining known mountain bike areas like Zona Zero and Val d’Aran with lesser-known destinations. We distinguish ourselves by adding our own special ingredient to the mix, which can’t be found at the current established Spanish mtb companies: Catalonian trails. This autonomous region has an abundance of trails, is located close to the Mediterranean Sea and packs a rich cultural history. This combination makes it one of the most interesting mtb areas in Spain. Another advanced of riding with mtbAdventures is that we always provide 2 guides on our holiday packages. This way we ensure you can make most of your valuable time and (almost) never have to wait and have the best guidance experience.

The Team

Thijs van Vlerken
I’m the owner and founder of mtbAdventures. After working in the online travel industry for more than 10 years, I was looking for a way to pursue my passion for mountain biking & outdoor adventures. Being from one of the flattest countries in the world: the Netherlands (Holland), didn’t help. In 2019, I made it my goal to find the best location to start my mountain bike agency. After exploring Europe, I found Girona to be the best suited city for my new adventure… With trails just around the corner and a beautiful location close to the Pyrenees & the Mediterranean Sea, Girona is a great mtb destination. Add to that, the relatively close proximity to the more established (but remote) mtb centers like Zona Zero and Val d’Aran, it is no surprise why I chose this city.

I started traveling around Europe by train at the age of 17 and have been a passionate traveller and backpacker for over the past 20 years. Since then, I never stopped exploring. From backpacking through South-East Asia, hiking and wild camping in the outback of Patagonia to exploring desert trails in Jordan. One of the things I learned during all my travels is that the people you meet make the difference. This is something that I incorporate in the experience I am offering. It’s not only about mountain biking, it’s about camaraderie and creating a shared experience that lasts a lifetime.

So how did I end up starting my own mountain bike company? Next to my passion for hiking and mountains, I have biked for nearly 20 years now. Initially exploring the trails in the Netherlands and Belgium, moving to the real deal about 7 years ago. Visiting the various bike parks in Europe, exploring enduro trails in the Alps and Spain further ignited my passion for mountain biking and enduro in particular.

So, combining all my experience in the travel industry, my taste for adventure, camaraderie and the passion I have for mountain biking resulted in this new journey: mtbAdventures!

I would love to show you around our beautiful trails in the North of Spain and leave a big smile on your face and an everlasting memory of these good times!

I work with various partners in the region to provide you with the best experience. Each guide has extensive knowledge about the specific area (Zona Zero, Val D’aran, etc.) and of course speaks English.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me