Mountain biking Spain

Mountain bike holidays in spain

Mountain bike holidays in Spain Still pretty much off the beaten track within the mountain bike community: going on a mountain bike holiday in Spain. Whereas the Alps are well-established (and sometimes overcrowded), Spain is a somewhat unknown mountain bike holiday destination. Besides having amazing trails, Spain is known for its hospitality and its delicious gastronomy. What’s better than ending … Read More

mountain bike trail at cap de creus

The best mountain biking locations in Spain

Mountains up to 3500 meters altitude, the mighty Pyrenees and trails alongside the turquoise Mediterranean. Sounds good right? This, in combination with the rough alpine terrain and lush forest trails makes Spain a great mtb location. Add to that, the typical Spanish laid-back atmosphere and you have found the ideal mtb holiday destination. I mean, what more could you wish … Read More

Guided Mountain Bike Tour

5 reasons to hire a mountain bike guide

With the abundance of apps and guidebooks you might ask yourself: why hire a mountain bike guide? However, there are some compelling reasons why hiring a mountain bike guide is a great idea during your holiday in Spain. Arriving at a new place with thousands of kilometres of trails can be quite overwhelming. I mean, where do you start? And … Read More